Centre for Institutions and Governance


Centre for Institutions and Governance (CIG) was founded to address the need for high-quality, credible research and education on corporate governance issues in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, governments and international organisations including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have attempted to reform corporate governance. However, these efforts continue to be controversial, and questions remain around ideal government structures for Asian corporations.

We believe that the challenges of corporate governance can only be resolved by giving business communities and policy-making bodies access to research, and by creating lines of communication between the public and researchers. To achieve this, CIG sponsors activities such as building databases, creating a progressive infrastructure that supports cutting-edge research.

We have a particular interest in analysing the effects of country institutional factors on corporate governance and the roles of corporate governance in accounting, finance, and organisation. To complement our research infrastructure, CIG provides a platform for collaboration through academic networks and visits, as well as forums, workshops, and international conferences that cater to business communities, governmental bodies, and students.

As China and Asia grow in importance in the coming years, CIG will continue to stand as one of the few bastions of independent, comprehensive research, providing objective guidance in corporate governance to global stakeholders.

Prof. Donghui Wu
Professor, School of Accountancy

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