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Centre of Business Sustainability (CBS) is a joint effort between the Department of Management and the Department of Government and Public Administration. Founded in June 2018, CBS’ mission is to promote business sustainability as a viable and profitable business model through conducting innovative research on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability management practices in the region. We also aim to transfer the acquired knowledge of CSR application to both academic and business communities.

CSR practices help companies build a positive reputation, nurture a high level of commitment and loyalty among stakeholders, contribute to a more sustainable environment and reduce business risks. Ultimately, it gives them a competitive edge and enhance their business sustainability.

While CSR has increasingly been adopted by companies in developed nations as part and parcel of their long-term business strategy, the scope of understanding and its application is still relatively limited in the Greater China region.

As education is an imperative step in the acceptance of CSR as a business model, our Centre was created to play a leadership role in this effort. Besides introducing a required course in business sustainability for all undergraduates at the Business School, our Centre also focuses on conducting meaningful research as a way to establish the theoretical and empirical frameworks for a more informed understanding and systematic application of CSR by regional businesses.

Through our Centre’s research and consultancy work, led by Prof. Carlos Lo, a pioneer of the two Business Sustainability Indices in Hong Kong – the HKBSI (Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index) and the HKSMEBSI (Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index), as well as a number of expert scholars who have devoted their research efforts to this emerging field, we envision CSR to be adopted by mainstream businesses as an indispensable strategy – not only to survive but to thrive.

Prof. Carlos Lo
Professor and Head, Department of Government and Public Administration

Associate Directors
Prof. Ying-yi Hong
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing

Prof. Darwin Choi
Associate Professor, Department of Finance

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