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Centre for Family Business (CFB) was established in 2012 by the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business to address the knowledge and service gaps around family businesses in Asia. We are motivated by the importance of family-owned businesses and entrepreneurship as key drivers of the region’s economic growth, and believe that a platform for collaboration between family enterprises, advisors, consultants, academics, and policy makers is urgently needed.

CFB is unique in that we focus on services around both family enterprising and business advising. We engage in all aspects of family businesses, from business strategies and leadership development to transgenerational entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Our workshops capitalise on our in-depth research to empower family members and stakeholders, addressing issues specific to family businesses from multiple perspectives.

We understand that family businesses have a developmental cycle with specific needs, and we strive to provide support and information through the incubation of a sustainable ecology for family businesses. At the same time, CFB maintains a high level of neutrality in our research, with both academics and business practitioners benefiting from our knowledge creation and dissemination.

Conscious of increasingly globalised ways of thinking and doing business, CFB aims to create a balance between Eastern and Western modes of thought and practice, utilising a multi-disciplinary, entrepreneurship-focused approach to family businesses. Our scope of expertise covers businesses, family dynamics, and advisors, while also highlighting important issues like building trust and rules, as well as family values and relationships.

Although the significance of family businesses to a country’s economy has been historically underrated, CFB’s work aims to highlight their contributions and value, as well as serve as a major driver of family business activities within Asia.

Prof. Kevin Au
Associate Professor, Department of Management

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