Centre for Supply Chain Management


Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) was established to draw on the collective knowledge and expertise of CUHK Business School faculty and scholars who specialise in supply chain management (SCM). Our goal is to create synergy in research and knowledge exchange endeavours as the evolution of e-commerce and technology drives changes in global supply chain management.

CSCM’s members are highly regarded authorities in supply chain management research, some of whom have cultivated strong industry relationships both in Hong Kong and China. Our leading research benefits various aspects of industry organisation, and CSCM is committed to the dissemination of their insights and findings to stakeholders.

Among our research concentrations is the rising dominance of e-commerce in China and the world, and related issues and challenges. E-commerce has created new layers of complexity to areas such as the management of warehouse systems, pricing, and closed-loop supply chain management. Our research aims to unveil insights and provide solutions of these issues, and to pave the way for continued enhancements and innovation in global supply chain management.

In our pursuit of information and knowledge, CSCM works closely with industry leaders not only to study and analyse the challenges they face, but also to provide valuable training and education programmes to help them keep up with the dynamism and disruptions occurring within the field.

Prof. Sean Zhou
Professor, Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology

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