Centre of Cyber Logistics


Centre of Cyber Logistics (CCL) is committed to enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional logistics hub and a gateway to China, in an era where innovations and technological advancements are transforming the global logistics industry.

To bolster Hong Kong’s role in global and regional trade, CCL works closely with logistics industry leaders and stakeholders, supporting the industry through advocating the dissemination and application of technological knowledge for the logistics industry. We are committed to empowering the trade through our ongoing academic and applied research on key logistics issues. We also promote an open exchange of knowledge between academics and practitioners, whose work and resources have mutual benefits to each other.

Our research interests include exploring how firms and organisations within the logistics industry can innovate organically in response to competitive and pressurised environments. We also examine the industry’s competitive indices, and in light of Hong Kong’s unique geographic advantage within the Asia region, we analyse the effects of policies such as the drastic change of direct links on the logistics industry, and how Hong Kong firms can reposition their strengths and innovate new service productions to take advantage of these links.

Another major research focus for CCL is the impact of the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial supply chains, and the privacy and security issues that arise from data-driven business chains. We aim to provide insights that will safeguard against logistics risks and uncertainties.

Prof. Waiman Cheung
Professor, Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology

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