Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Zhenyu GAO

Center for Economics and Finance

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has been particularly strong in the study of the Chinese economy, corporate finance and the emerging financial markets of China and Asia. In its Strategic Plan 2006, Economics and Finance has been identified as a key area for strategic research investment of the University. Therefore substantial resources are invested to create the Center for Economics and Finance with a mission to promote high quality research and education on Chinese economy and corporate finance in Asia and China. Our vision is to strive to become a world leader and research powerhouse in economics and finance in China and Asia, and to contribute to Hong Kong's strength as a hub of international trade and finance through research, consultancy, public service and teaching. The Center will sponsor activities that help to build the needed infrastructures for high quality research, provide a platform for scholarly exchanges of research results, and facilitate intermediate knowledge transfer between researchers and governments, international organizations, and business communities.

Recent research publications / working papers:

  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Yong Yang, and Zhengquan Li, “Relationship-based Assets and Earnings Informativeness: Evidence from Corruption Cases in China”
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Jun Huang, Felix Oberholzer-Gee, and Mengxin Zhao, “Bureaucrats as Managers – Evidence from China”
  • Morten Bennedsen, Joseph P.H. Fan, Ming Jian, and Yin-Hua Yeh. Family Firm Succession: the Role of Family Assets and Roadblocks, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.
  • Joseph P. H. Fan, Li Jin, and Guojian Zheng, “Revisiting the Bright and Dark Sides of Capital Flows in Business Groups”, Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Jun Huang, and Ning Zhu, “Institutions, Ownership Structures, and Distress Resolution in China”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 23, 2013, 71–87.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, T.J. Wong, and Tianyu Zhang, “Institutions and Organizational Structure: The Case of State-Owned Corporate Pyramids”, The Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, 29(6), 2013, 1217-1252.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Stuart L. Gillan, and Xin Yu, “Innovation or Imitation? The Role of Intellectual Property Rights Protections”, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 23(3), 2013, 208-234.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Stuart L. Gillan, and Xin Yu, “Property Rights, R&D Spillovers, and Corporate Accounting Transparency in China”, Emerging Markets Review, 15, 2013, 34–56.
  • Pramuan Bunkanwanicha, Joseph P.H. Fan, and Yupana Wiwattanakantang, “The Value of Marriage to Family Firms”, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, 48(2), 2013, 611–636.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Sheridan Titman, and Garry Twite, “An International Comparison of Capital Structure and Debt Maturity Choices”, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, 47(1), 2012, 23-56.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, T.J. Wong, and Tianyu Zhang, “Founder Succession and Accounting Properties”, Contemporary Accounting Research, 29(1), 2012, 283-311.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, K.C. John Wei, and Xinzhong Xu, “Corporate Finance and Governance in Emerging Markets: A Selective Review and An Agenda for Future Research”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(2), 2011, 207-214.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Randall Morck, Lixin Colin Xu, and Bernard Yeung, “Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment: China versus the Rest of the World”, World Development, 37(4), 2009, 852-865. 
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Oliver Meng Rui, and Mengxin Zhao, “Public Governance and Corporate Finance: Evidence from Corruption Cases”, Journal of Comparative Economics, 36(3), 2008, 343-364.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, Jun Huang, Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Troy D. Smith, and Mengxin Zhao, “Diversification of Chinese Companies: An International Comparison”, Chinese Management Studies, 2(1), 2008, 6-13.
  • Joseph P.H. Fan, T.J. Wong, and Tianyu Zhang, “Politically Connected CEOs, Corporate Governance, and Post-IPO Performance of China's Newly Partially Privatized Firms”, Journal of Financial Economics, 84(2), 2007, 330-357.



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