Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO

Center for International Business Studies

The Center for International Business Studies is established to leverage on the renowned research achievements on international business of the Department of Management. It aims to strengthen the position of CUHK as the leading institution in the research and study of management and international business issues with a special emphasis on emerging economies. The Center disseminates knowledge to the academic community and industry through active publications, dialogues and generation of quality databases for conducting frontier studies with global impact. It also spearheads and conducts research projects covering a wide range of timely issues of international business which can benefit the business community as a whole.

Recent research projects:

  • Internationalization of Chinese firms
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Behavior of Multinational Enterprises
  • Multinational Firms Within-Host-Country Strategy and Structure
  • Sustainable Development and Strategic Management of Mainland and Hong Kong Firms
  • Institutions and Cross-border M&As


Centers for International Business Studies

Prof. Xufei Ma, Department of Management

Room 812, 8/F 
Cheng Yu Tung Building, No. 12 Chak Cheung Street
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3943 7799

Fax: (852) 2603 6840

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