Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Zhenyu GAO

Research Highlights

China Business Knowledge

China Business Knowledge (CBK) is the knowledge platform of CUHK Business School which aims to make accessible the School’s top-notch research, insights and commentaries to the academic, business and student communities.

Through feature articles based on research in China and the rest of the world, as well as spotlight stories, mini cases, blogs, and video clips, CBK offers in-depth knowledge and practical tips about doing business in the real world.

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Center for Economics and Finance

CUHK is consistently ranked among Asia’s best institutions by international surveys of research output in economics and finance. Professor Sir James MIRRLEES and Prof. Robert A. MUNDELL, both Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences and CUHK Distinguished Professors-at-Large, are affiliated with the Departments of Economics and Finance. The University is particularly strong in the areas of the Chinese economy, corporate finance and the emerging financial markets of China and Asia. The Center for Economics and Finance is established to promote high quality research and education on Chinese economy and corporate finance in Asia and China. It also serves to provide advice to the Central Government in Mainland China, the Mainland Committee of the Taiwanese government, and the Hong Kong government on issues such as reforming the Renminbi exchange rate regime, cross-Straits trade and economic relations, and strengthening the exchange regime of the Hong Kong dollar during the Asian financial crisis etc.

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Center for Institutions and Governance

The Center for Institutions and Governance is established to promote high quality research and education on corporate governance issues in Asia and China. Drawing from the fields of accounting, economics, and finance, the Center's research address how Asia's various institutional environments shape the governance and economic behaviors of corporations and their agents. The Center encourages research addressing corporate governance issues in China and Asia, and cross-country studies with strong research and policy implications for the region. In particular, the Center has a strong interest in research that analyze the effects of country institutional factors on corporate governance, and the roles of corporate governance in accounting, finance, and organization.

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Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center studies and promotes entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, Greater China and the world through research, education and practice. One of the vital areas of research by the center is family business, with research from the center’s Professors published in top academic journals worldwide. The Center closely cooperates with the university's Research and Technology Administrative Office and the Center for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC), the Hong Kong Government's Department of Trade and Industry, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences and many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the Pearl River Delta.

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Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics

The Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics was established to bring researchers from different faculties to create synergy through research collaboration, specializing in supply chain management. The Institute has became a world-recognized leader in logistics and supply chain management research and is a key driving force in the regional development of logistics services and supply chain management in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, to ensure that these regions stay competitive.

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