Does Loneliness Matter At Workplace?

Prof. Dora Lau Chi-sun, Department of Management,CUHK Business School

Previous research tells us loneliness can make us sick and depressed. Does loneliness affect our work performance as well? A study by CUHK Business School reveals the impacts of loneliness at the workplace.



What Makes Consumers Use Their Loyalty Points?

Prof. Jessica Kwong, Department of Marketing, CUHK Business School

Companies are utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever to retain customers and boost sales. But not all of them are successful. What makes people spend their points and stay loyal to a program? 

Leader of the Pack: What Makes the Alibaba Group Successful?

BusinessThink, UNSW Australia Business School | 0 comments

What are reasons for the success of Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce website which has transformed the lives of most people in China?

Winning in a Mobile-First World

Perspective@SMU, Singapore Management University | 0 comments

40 percent of Fortune 500 businesses today will die in 10 years because their business and business models would have been disrupted by mobile.

Spotlight on Weber Lo: Keep Pace with the Times

Mr. Weber WP Lo, CEO for Citi Hong Kong and Macau | 0 comments

Weber Lo, CEO of Citi Hong Kong and Macau, shares his early experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and how he switched into the banking sector and led the team through challenges.

The Power of Social Networks

Tong Dandan and Deng Sijing, PhD Candidates, CUHK Business School | 21 comments

How face-to-face social networks in which we are embedded affect our lives, and how we could take advantage of these powerful networks to change the world

Women at Work: Why Mentoring is Good but Sponsoring is Even Better

BusinessThink, UNSW Australia Business School | 13 comments

Mentoring programs are good practice, but sponsorships are the answer for women seeking to move their career forward and upward.

A Time to Advance and Optimize Hong Kong’s Listing Requirements

Prof. Chan Kalok, Dean of CUHK Business School and Wei Lun Professor of Finance | 10 comments

The proposals in the consultation paper will enhance the efficiency and accountability of the current listing system, and benefit the development of Hong Kong market, says Dean Chan of CUHK Business School

What China Needs To Do Now

Prof. Anil K. Gupta, The University of Maryland | 10 comments

China's slowdown economy is a well-known fact, the single biggest challenge is how to manage its slowdown. Prof. Anil K. Gupta, global expert in China’s economy, offers his insights on what China should do.

China Inc. on the Global Stage

Prof. Anil K. Gupta, The University of Maryland | 13 comments
Chinese companies’ global expansion is one of the most hot-off-the-press topics in recent years. What are the new trends and challenges for these companies’ globalization? How to manage the challenges to be a world-class company?

Using manually collected data from China,the study revealed that connected auditors are more likely to issue favorable audit opinions, especially for financially distressed clients.

Prof. Donghui Wu
School of Accountancy

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