How China’s Firms Use Analysts to Communicate Externally

Prof. T.J. Wong, School of Accountancy
A study by CUHK Business School reveals how well-connected financial analysts play an important role in informing the wider market about Chinese firms.



Doing Well By Doing Good: The Impact of CSR on Competitors

Prof. Cao Jie and Zhan Xintong, Department of Finance
CSR is not only a way to give back to society, but also an effective strategy which offers a competitive edge for firms, as CUHK researchers find.

CSR as Our DNA

Mr.Frederick Ma Si-hang, MTR Corporation | 0 comments
Are large corporations achieving good profits not socially responsible? At the 10th CUHK MBA CSR Conference, Prof. Frederick Ma Si-hang, Chairman of MTR Corporation Limited offered his insights.

Spotlight on Samuel Yung: Characteristics of a Successful Salesman

Mr. Samuel Yung, AIA International Limited | 4 comments
Samuel Yung, Executive District Director of AIA International shares his management philosophy and how to be a successful salesman in the insurance industry.

The Fall of South Beauty

Iris Zhang Ru, School of Accountancy | 7 comments
What lessons can we learn from the fall of South Beauty Group, the once prestigious and only food service partner of Chinese cuisine for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Friends in Need are Friends Indeed – How Friendships Cloak Financial Gain in China

Prof. George Yang and Prof. Zhaoyang Gu, School of Accountancy | 6 comments
A study by CUHK Business School reveals the invisible links between financial analysts and fund managers and how their friendships cloak the financial gain in investment in China.

The Role of Cultural Differences in Business Communications

Whether a culture can tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity has an important effect on how people communicate and negotiate in business.

We Are What We Think: A Neo-Confucian Perspective on China’s Economic Growth

Why has China been able to maintain a high-speed economic development during the past decades. Researchers say it may have to do with its Confucian thinking.

Lessons Behind the China’s Stock Market Crash

What are the factors that triggered the stock price crash in China's stock market since 2014? And what can we learn from it?

Despite being generally well studied, emotional stability (ES) has not yet been widely accepted as a satisfactory and solidly valid theoretical construct. Two studies were conducted in China to develop and examine the construct of ES in an organizational context.

Prof. David Ahlstrom
Department of Management

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