Does Mandatory Rotation of Audit Partners Improve Audit Quality?

Prof. Zhang Tianyu, School of Accountancy, CUHK Business School

A China's study by CUHK Business School shows that the mandatory rotation of audit partners enhance the audit quality of a firm



How Smart Beta Shakes Up the Investing World

Prof. Cao Jie, Department of Finance, CUHK Business School

A pioneer study shows the impact of smart beta ETFs on investors’ evaluation on mutual fund performance

Upcoming China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: How CSR Changes Our Behavior and Society

Prof. Cao Jie, Department of Finance, CUHK Business School; Ms. Diana Tsui, J.P. Morgan | 0 comments

How does CSR change our behavior and the investment world? Are the CSR initiatives in your company truly impactful? Hear it from experts at our upcoming luncheon talk on May 15

China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: Understanding China’s Institutions and the Role of Government in the Business World

Prof. Zhang Tianyu, School of Accountancy, CUHK Business School; Mr. Albert Ng, Chairman, China and Managing Partner, Greater China, EY | 0 comments

How governments and politics affect the economic developments of countries and how companies should be open to policy changes and seize the opportunities brought by them 

Talking to CEO: Agnes Chan

Prof. Andrew Chan, CUHK Business School; Ms. Agnes Chan | 0 comments

In this episode of Talking to CEO, Ms. Agnes Chan shares her dream to revolutionize Hong Kong's education system

China Business Knowledge @ CUHK Luncheon Series: Why Team Diversity Matters and How to Manage it

Prof. Dora Lau, Department of Management, CUHK Business School; Mr. Alan Yip, Chairman and CEO, Guru Online | 0 comments

Is diversity the same between East and West? How should we manage a diverse team and what organizational structure is proved to work with millennials? 

What Does Embarrassment Have to Do with Our Choice of Brands?

Prof. Lisa Wan, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, CUHK Business School | 0 comments

New research shows how the self-conscious emotion and self-esteem influence consumers when they select or reject highly visible brands

Didi’s Strategic Move towards Globalization

Prof. Ma Xufei, Department of Management,CUHK Business School | 0 comments

How Didi Chuxing’s recent acquisition of 99 in Brazil helps the company to go global

Feeling Inferior Affects Our Appetite and Food Intake

Prof. Hong Ying-yi, Department of Marketing, CUHK Business School | 0 comments

How we feel about ourselves among our peers affects our diet, a study by CUHK Business School reveals

How New Technologies Enhance Our Living

Prof. Shen Hao, CUHK Business School; Mr. Steven Chang, Tencent | 0 comments

With the emergence of new technologies, such as AI, Big Data and Cloud, massive connections become possible, as in the case of Tencent


Executive ownership guidelines are corporate polices mandating executive stock ownership in the firm. The study documents a dramatic increase in the adoption of executive ownership guidelines among large US firms in recent years and observes that significant post-adoption improvements in stock performance and increases in long-term investment among early adopters but not among recent adopters.

Prof. Ying Cao

Prof. Zhaoyang Gu

Prof. Yong George Yang

School of Accountancy

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