CUHK Business – June 2021

CUHK Business Magazine (June 2021)
To succeed, sometimes you have to think counter-intuitively or least, look at things in a new light. Learn insights from the latest issue of CUHK Business magazine and think forward to get ahead in the new world!

Our Research

Innovation & Technology

By Prof. Jason Yeh

Research by Prof. Jason Yeh, Associate Professor in the Department of Finance at CUHK, finds that FinTech innovations can enhance the stability of financial institutions in emerging markets and even improve their profitability.

Career, Leadership

By Prof. Wendong Li

New research by Prof. Wendong Li, Associate Professor in the Department of Management at CUHK, finds people adapt and grow more conscientious when promoted to supervisory roles at work.

Social Responsibility

By Prof. Jing Wu

Research co-conducted by Prof. Jing Wu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics at CUHK, draws attention to practice of firms greenwashing their corporate social responsibility (CSR) by disclosing supply chain relationships with “green” but concealing “brown” suppliers.

Consumer Behaviour

By Prof. Lisa Wan

According to Prof. Lisa Wan’s (Associate Professor of School of Hotel and Tourism Management and Department of Marketing) research, making tourists empathise with local residents can reduce misbehaviour.

Our People

Angel Ng, CEO of Citi Hong Kong and Macau

After Angel Ng (BBA 1990) graduated from CUHK in 1990, she worked more than six years for a multinational FMCG company. In 1998, her expertise and insights in delivering extraordinary customer experience led her to a new home at Citi. At the time, the global bank’s management was hoping to give its retail banking services a customer-centric makeover, which Angel delivered with flying colours.

Prof. Paul Kitney, CUHK Business School

A native Australian who lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years, Prof. Paul Kitney has forged an illustrious career in economics and finance and thrived through bears and bulls. Now, this globetrotting investment strategist and Asian economics expert is a full-time professor in CUHK’s Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, where he consolidates his worldly wisdom and passes it on to the next generation for the Asian Century.

Yuka Goto, Integrated BBA, CUHK Business School
Student Story

Yuka Goto (Integrated BBA, Year 3) is always looking for novel experiences in unusual places. She follows the motto: “If you are not different from who you were 12 months ago, you did not learn enough.”

Alumni Whereabouts

With travel restrictions ongoing under COVID, it’s been difficult to travel the globe the way we used to. That’s why we invited several MBA alumni from different corners of the world to be virtual tour guides and share with us life where they live now and their experience at CUHK.

Our Happenings

CUHK Business School announced the development of a Corporate Innovation Index (CII) that will serve as a management and assessment tool to cultivate an innovation culture and to enhance capabilities and achievements in technology adoption among large corporations and SMEs in Hong Kong.

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