CUHK Business – January 2024

Amid the demand for sustainable practice and the rise of conscious consumers, how will companies and leaders continue to innovate and stay ahead? Uncover the latest insights and research on today’s business strategy trends from CUHK Business magazine.

Our Research


By Prof. Darwin Choi, Prof. Zhenyu Gao, Prof. Wenxi Jiang, Prof. Chanik Jo

Direct exposure to global warming influences retail investors, while institutional investors divest from high-emission stocks in response to growing awareness of climate change risks

Consumer Behaviour

By Prof. Francisco Cisternas

New study finds “green consumerism” is alive and well in China, with consumers willing to pay more for sustainable food

Social Responsibility

By Prof. Ling CenProf. Jing Wu

A new study reveals that US households spend more on products from firms that prioritise corporate workplace equality, especially after major social events


By Prof. Ya LinProf. Haibin Yang

New study finds that a CEO’s emotional profile has a notable impact on their company’s uptake of corporate social responsibility initiatives

Our People

Despite having been immersed in the dizzying world of finance, Norris Lam (IBBA 1997), partner at Forbes Global and a financial industry veteran, refuses to be enslaved by money; she would rather create a profound impact with it than amass enormous wealth.

Faculty Story

It is often said that “business is business”, a rational pursuit purely focused on business management and value and benefit calculation. Yet business is also about human activities in modern societies, in which humans and their beliefs drive all kinds of interactions and value creation that ultimately lead to success.

Alumni Story

Generations of women from various backgrounds have sought education and enlightenment at CUHK Business School, where they have gained valuable insights into business and management as well as a broader outlook on the world.

With the recent appointment of 83 new Global Alumni Ambassadors (GAA) from 26 countries, let’s get to know some of the new members as they share their insights, experiences and aspirations.

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