CUHK Business School Welcomes 24 New Faculty Members in the Academic Year 2021-22

In the academic year 2021-22, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School welcomes 24 new faculty members. They are all distinguished scholars and experts in their respective fields with solid research, industry and teaching experiences.

Following a successful worldwide recruitment campaign, CUHK Business School has appointed one professor, one associate professor, one visiting scholar, 18 assistant professors, one senior lecturer and two lecturers. Their broad range of experiences and expertise will strengthen the School’s research and teaching capabilities. These new joiners have been/will be on board between June 2021 and January 2022.

The new faculty members and the institutions from which they obtained their PhD are listed below:

School of Accountancy

Janja Brendel (The Humboldt University of Berlin) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Disclosure Regulation in Capital Markets; Financial Institutions and Fintechs; Firms’ Financial Transparency; and Short-sellers

Ruoxi Rosy Xu (The University of Miami) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Corporate Disclosure; Corporate Governance; Media Economics; and Networks & Social Interactions
Yucheng (John) Yang (The University of Rochester) – Assistant Professor
Expertise: Corporate Disclosure; Financial Intermediaries; Financial Market Regulation; and Macroeconomic Implications of Accounting Numbers

Yanling Guan (London Business School) – Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Executive Compensation; Financial Reporting; and Pension Accounting
Dixon Lok-kan So (The University of London) – Lecturer

Expertise: Business Law; Insurance Law; International Trade Law; Maritime Law; and Public and Private International Law

Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Philip Renyu Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis) – Visiting Scholar

Econometrics and Causal Inference; Game Theory; Matching; Mechanism Design; Optimisation; Randomised Experiment and Reinforcement Learning

Advertising; Inventory; Online Platforms and Marketplaces; Recommender Systems; Revenue Management and Pricing; Sharing Economy; Social Networks; and Supply Chain Management

Tim Tianyi Li (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Industrial Engineering; Management Algorithms; Mathematical Modelling; Network Sciences and System Dynamics

Yingzhi Liang (The University of Michigan) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Analytics; Collective Intelligence and Organisational Technology; Data Science; and Visualisation and Information Economics
Shixin Wang (New York University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Online Optimisation and Robust Optimisation

Department of Finance

Chanik Jo (The University of Toronto) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Asset Pricing; Chinese Economy; and Household Finance
Jangwoo Lee (The University of Texas at Austin) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Financial Arrangements under Asymmetric Information
Anthony Rice (Arizona State University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Corporate Finance; Environmental Finance; and Political Economy
Kailei Ye (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Corporate Finance; Entrepreneurial Finance; Labour and Finance

Chao Ying (The University of Minnesota) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Asset Pricing; Macro-finance and Dynamic Corporate Theory

School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Desmond Tsang (University of California, Berkeley) – Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate Governance; Earnings Management; Financial Reporting Fraud; Geographic Strategy; and Real Estate Investment Trusts

Elisa Ka-yan Chan (Cornell University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Consumer Behaviour; Co-production; and Experiential Marketing

Department of Management

Haibin Yang (The University of Texas at Dallas) – Professor

Expertise: Competition in Transition Economy; Entrepreneurship; Mergers & Acquisitions; and Strategic Networks
Hoonie KangSanghoon (Hoonie) Kang (Rutgers University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Defensiveness and Behavioural Change; Expert Decision-Making; Negotiations; and Overconfidence and Cognitive Biases
Leo Huiyao Liao (The University of Iowa) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Family/Prosocial Motivation; Social Network Analysis; Leadership and Teams; and Interpersonal Relationships
Lisa Ya Lin (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Interfirm Networks; International Business; and Strategic Management

Cathy Chang Liu (Indiana University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: International Business and Strategic Management
Willow You Wu (Stanford University) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Intersection of Technology Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Irene Kin-yan Ho (University of Durham) – Lecturer

Expertise: Brand-Customer Relationships; Consumer Behaviour; and Emotions

Department of Marketing

Jingbo (Jimbo) Wang (The University of Southern Carolina) – Assistant Professor

Expertise: Applied Microeconomics; Causal Inference; Industrial Organisation; and Machine Learning