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As a leading financial and trade center and the gateway to China, Hong Kong has long been ranked among the world’s top tourist destinations and tourism represents a major economic pillar of the city. The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) has capitalized on that position to develop a business program with a hospitality focus that is dedicated to nurturing leaders for the hospitality industry and hospitality leadership in the region. The School is built on the solid foundation of a formalized Education Philosophy.

The BBA in Hotel and Tourism Management Program is industry driven and aims to train hospitality talents who will make investment decisions and lead the operation of hotel groups, tourism companies and other related services in the region. The program covers a wide spectrum of important areas in the broader hospitality field, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, real estate, food service operations, theme parks, cruise lines and convention services among others.

Our primary long-term objective is to develop a leading program in Asia that integrates business and hospitality education that places an equal emphasis on theory and practice. The School offers students numerous opportunities to learn the ropes from veteran industry players through program features such as the "Executive-in-Residence Program", "Distinguished Speakers Series" and the"Internship Program".


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