Research Seminar

Seminar Coordinators: Prof. Wenxi JIANG and Prof. Yizhou XIAO


Chan, Kalok

Chinese Name: 陳家樂
Education: B.S.Sc. (CUHK); PhD (Ohio)

Dean of CUHK Business School
Wei Lun Professor of Finance  

Department: Dept of Finance
Mailing Address: 15/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building, No.12, Chak Cheung Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 3943 7775
Fax No.: (852) 2603 5917
Email Address:
Year Joined CUHK: 2014
Professor Kalok Chan is the Dean of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School and Wei Lun Professor of Finance.  Prof. Chan joined CUHK Business School in 2014 November, from his previous role as Chair Professor of Finance and Acting Dean of the Hong...

Professor Kalok Chan is the Dean of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School and Wei Lun Professor of Finance. 

Prof. Chan joined CUHK Business School in 2014 November, from his previous role as Chair Professor of Finance and Acting Dean of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School. Prior to that, he was Head of HKUST’s Finance Department from 2003 to 2013, the founding director of the HKUST-NYU Stern Joint Master in Global Finance program, and had established the Value Partners Centre for Investing. He was associate professor of finance at Arizona State University prior to joining the HKUST.

Prof. Chan obtained his B.S.Sc in Economics from CUHK, and PhD in Finance from Ohio State University. As a leading scholar and a prominent researcher, Prof. Chan has had numerous publications in top ranked finance journals, and has been ranked as the top finance researcher in the Asia-Pacific region by the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, most recently in 2011. His research interests focus on dynamics of asset prices, derivatives, market micro-structure, and international financial markets.

Prof. Chan is active in contributing to the profession. He has been Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards since 2009. Prof. Chan was also the President of Asian Finance Association from 2008 to 2010, and currently serves as a member of Hang Seng Index Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Housing Authority, EFAC Financial Infrastructure and Market Development Sub-Committee of Hong Kong Monetary Authority, TraHK Supervisory Committee and Advisory Committee of the Securities and Futures Commission.

Research Interest: Asset Prices Behavior, Market Microstructure, Market Volatility, International Finance, Emerging Financial Markets.
Academic Publications & Working Papers:
“Price Informativeness and Stock Return Synchronicity:Evidence from the Pricing of Seasoned Equity Offerings”, with Y.C. Chan, 2014, Journal of Financial Economics,  vol. 114, 36-53.
“Cross-Sectional Stock Return Predictability in China”, with Nusret Cakici and  Kudret Topyan, 2014,European Journal of Finance
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"Intraday Volatility in the Stock Market and Stock Index Futures Market", with K.C. Chan and Andrew Karolyi,Review of Financial Studies, 1991, Vol 4, 657-684.  Also appear in Volatility: New Estimation Techniques for Pricing Derivatives, Risk Books, June 1998, 163-178.


Book review: Asian Money Markets, edited by David Cole, Hal Scott and Philip Wellons, Journal of Comparative Economics, 1997, Vol 24, 362-364.
“A Retrospective Evaluation of the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 1993–2002,” with Andrew Karolyi and Ghon Rhee, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2002, Vol 10, 497-516,


“Does Option Trading Affect the Return Predictability of Short Selling Activity?” with Hung Wan Kot and Sophie X. Ni
“Do Behavioral Biases Affect Order Aggressiveness?”, with Jiangze Bian, Donghui Shi and Hao Zhou
“Effects of Short-sale Constraints on Stock Prices and Trading Activity: Evidence from Hong Kong and Mainland China,” with Hung Wan Kot and Zhishu Yang.
Global Currency Hedging: Evidence from Conditional Coskewness and Cokurtosis, with Jian Yang and Yinggang Zhou
“Why Investors Do not Buy Cheaper Securities? An Analysis of Trading by Individual Investors in Chinese Stock Market,” with Baolian Wang and Zhishu Yang.
”Mutual Fund Herding and Dispersion of Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts” , with Chuan-Yang Hwang and Mujtaba Mian (Unpublished Manuscript).


Research Grants:


Hong Kong Research Grant Council, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant, 1996 (HK$460,000); 1998
(HK$405,000); 2000 (HK$ 453,817); 2002 (HK $562000), 2004 (HK $294,525), 2006 (HK $442,000), 2008
(HK$480,000), 2010 (HK$379,250), 2012 (HK$ 619,000)

Postdoctoral Matching Fund (HKUST), 2000-02.

Pacific-Basin Capital Markets (PACAP) Conference, Competitive Research Grant, 1994.

Arizona State University, College of Business, Summer Research Grant, 1994-95.

Arizona State University, Faculty Grant-in-Aid, 1994

Awards and Honors:
2001 and 2011 Top finance researcher in Asia-Pacific Region (Pacific-Basin Finance Journal)

Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (HKSFA) Research Award

2008 Best Paper Award, China International Conference in Finance (CICF)

Winner of the Barclays Global Investors Australia Research Award, Australasian Finance and Banking

2006  Nominated for Smith Breeden’s Prize, Journal of Finance
Listed in Who's Who in Economics (Third Edition) 

Top finance researcher in Asia-Pacific Region for the 1990-2008 period (according to Pacific-Basin Finance Journal) 

2003  Outstanding Paper Award, Eastern Finance Association Meetings

PACAP Best Paper Award, APFA/PACAP/FMA International Finance Conference


Senior Wei Lun Fellow (HKUST)


Wei Lun Fund Fellowship (HKUST)


Pacific-Basin Capital Markets (PACAP) Research Fellow


Ohio State University, Presidential Fellowship

1989  Ohio State University, Outstanding Research Award
1988 Ohio State University, McCoy Scholarship



Academic / Professional Service:

Professional Service

2018 – present

Member, Securities and Futures Commission Advisory Committee

2017 – present

EFAC Financial Infrastructure and Market Development Sub-Committee of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

2008 – present

Chairman, Organizing Committee, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards 

2014 - present

Member, TraHK Supervisory Committee

2009 – present

Member, Hospital Authority Investment Committee

2008 – present

Member, Hang Seng Index Service Limited

2014 – present

Member, Tender Committee of Hospital Authority

2015 - present

Member, Finance Committee of Hospital Authority 

2013 – 2015

Member, Banking and Finance Industry Training Board, Vocational Training Council

2001-2014 Member, Asia-Pacific Regional Committee, FTSE
2008 – 2010 President, Asian Finance Association
2006 – 2009

Convenor, Working Group on Industry/Academic Partnership, Advisory Committee on Human Resource Development (Financial Services), Hong Kong

2009 – 2011

Convenor, Working Group on Professional Development, Advisory Committee on Human Resource Development (Financial Services), Hong Kong

2005 - 2011

Member, Risk Management Committee, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited


Member, Committee on Unit Trusts, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission 


Member, Committee on Investment-Linked Assurance and Pooled Retirement Funds, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

2005 - present

Member, Academic and Accreditation Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

2004 – 2006

Member, Advisory Committee on Human Resource Development (Financial Services), Hong Kong

2004 - 2009

Panel Member, Hong Kong Research Grants Council

2003 - 2007 Member, Examination Board, Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong
2003 External Reviewer, Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries
2000-2006 Advisor, Hong Kong Association of Investors, 
2002 Member, Working Group for the Development of Licensing Examinations, Hong Kong Securities Institute


Editorial Service
1997 – 2008

Co-Editor, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 

2013 - present

Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Finance 

2012 – present

Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Perspectives 

2008 – present

Associate Editor, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal

2007 – present

Associate Editor, Emerging Market Review

2006 – 2013

Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Research

2008 – 2011

Associate Editor, Review of Finance

2007 – 2010

Associate Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 

2003 - 2006 Associate Editor, Finance Letters
1996 – 1998

Associate Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Finance